Antioxident masterbatch

ThermProtect™ antioxidant for recycled polyolefin and rPET

Preserve the appearance and physical properties of polymers

Ampacet offers a complete portfolio of antioxidant solutions, each with a specific function in polymer stabilization:

  • Primary antioxidants are used to protect the finished product. This ensures better performance over the life of the finished good.
  • Secondary antioxidants are used as process stabilizers. They protect the polymer during processing, especially when the polymer undergoes multiple heat histories.
  • Primary/Secondary blends are often used to protect polymers during their entire lifecycle.
  • ThermProtect™ antioxidants, for use with recycled polyolefin and rPET, counteract the adverse effect of contaminants in recycled resins and resins with multiple heat histories. ThermProtect helps producers improve aesthetics and processing, as well as extend the life of polymers to promote the circular economy. Click here for more details.


Typical applications for antioxidants include containers for food and beverages, agricultural films, healthcare products, blow molded bottles, cosmetics, consumer packaged goods, garbage bags, and many other products.

To avoid pinking or yellowing, proper selection of antioxidants and co-additives is required. Click here for more details.  

For more information on Ampacet Antioxidant masterbatches and other R3 Sustainable Solutions, their applications and complete Regulatory Status, please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative.