ScratchShield™ AntiScratch

Enhance resistance to abrasion and scratches

Antiscratch additive masterbatch

Consumers have been looking for new ways to reduce scratches and scuffs on plastic surfaces. Ampacet ScratchShield™ masterbatch, added during the molding process, exceeds customer expectations for improved aesthetics and value.

Ampacet offers a wide range of ScratchShield additives, each one formulated for a specific resin, such as PP, ABS, PET, PE, Polystyrene, and HDPE. These performance additives make them ideal for end-use applications such as appliances, home furnishings, luggage, automotive parts, electronic devices as well as preforms, bottles, and a range of PET packaging, without the need to apply a surface coating.

ScratchShield significantly improves the demolding of preforms and also helps converters to reduce scrap, cleanup and the cost associated with lubricant sprays. Other ScratchShield masterbatches are perfect for translucent color and opaque blow-molded bottles at both the preform stage and in blown bottles.

For more information about AntiScratch additives, their applications and complete regulatory status, please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative.