Improving Lives Through the Positive Impact of Plastics

Ampacet products and services help customers improve the products that improve our lives.

Meeting the Needs of Diversified Markets

New solutions to bring functionality and aesthetics to a wide variety of products.

Insight and Innovation

Ampacet provides educational, interactive sessions to help customers discover exciting new visions for their products and brands.

Sustainable Business Model

Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions represent our commitment to the global circular economy with a growing portfolio of innovative masterbatches benefiting customers, the industry and the planet.

Innovative Solutions for Packaging

Our colors and additives for consumer packaging are used in a wide variety of processes including single & multi-layer films, blow molding, injection molding & extrusion.

In-line Color Management and Correction Technologies

Featuring Spectro 4.0 ™ continuous in-line color management system plus automated resin management/blending systems and a complete line of precision color and additive feeders.

Infrastructure and Industrial Applications

We develop additives for new molded industrial parts, film/sheet, wire and cable, pipe, drain tile and plumbing goods. Applications include house wrap, geomembranes, molded drums, pails, pallets, bins and totes.

Upcoming Events

  • International Design Conference – September 11-13, 2024 – Austin, Texas
  • ColombiaPlast – September 23-27, 2024 – Booth 1904 – Bogota, Colombia
  • Compounding World – November 13-14, 2024 – Booth C1223 – Cleveland, Ohio

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