ColorSave® 1000 Feeder

Smart-Clean feature quick purges the feeder automatically to improve safety and save time

ColorSave® 1000 is the only gravimetric feature that offers Smart-Clean automatic quick purging between runs:

  • Purge colorant in just 10 seconds
  • Simply press the “Empty” button and remaining colorant or masterbatch returns to the storage chamber
  • No more manual clean-outs between jobs
  • Enhance employee safety and reduce time and cost of purging colors

ColorSave 1000 is also the only gravimetric feeder that features an Outer Protective Shell with an inner floating hopper and single point load cell to ensure the highest accuracy in the industry.

With ColorSave 1000 you can confidently feed expensive colors and additives at the lowest possible LDR.

To learn more about ColorSave 1000 watch the video below, view the white paper, download  product literature, or contact Ampacet.

Compare ColorSave 1000 to any other feeder. Take the ColorSave Challenge.

ColorSave® 1000 Patents:
–    US6688493B2
–    US6966456B2
–    EP1347870B1