SpectroMetric™ 6 In-line Color Management

In-line Continuous Color Measurement and Color Correction System with FluxQF Mono-pigments

Flux qf mono pigments

Maximizes PCR usage while maintaining color consistency

  • Automatically maintains brand color specs without operator involvement
  • Reduces downtime for quality control checks and color correction

In-line fiber-optic spectral sensor measures color in real-time

  • Contactless probe mounted in the classifier region measures the continuously flowing pellets
  • Delta E calculations based on established L*a*b* color standards

Color correction software and micro feeding adjustments

  • Based on color variations, color correction software determines the proper blend of mono pigment to correct the color
  • Micro vibrational feeders meter the proper weights of mono-pigments to correct

Liad innovative feeders blenders and quality control equipment


Discover how the closed-loop SpectroMetric 6 system can increase your use of PCR at lower costs. For a more detailed discussion about SpectroMetric 6 download product literature, call Doug Brownfield at 914-320-1521 or contact Ampacet.