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Spectro 4.0™ Smart Technologies

The First In-line Continuous Color Management System

in-line color measurement systemSpectro 4.0™ Smart Technologies is a patented color measurement system that offers Industry 4.0 innovations such as optical real time, in-line monitoring and correction capabilities to ensure every part meets color specifications. Multiple optical sensors communicate real time color data during the manufacturing process, without interrupting production to take samples. Every part produced can now be measured. Color measurements are instantaneous and historical data is collected to improve future productivity. Spectro 4.0™ Smart technology removes all subjectivity associated with monitoring color standards.

This highly accurate QA solution allows manufacturers to maintain uniform color standards from in-house or contract processors around the world, while significantly reducing raw materials, rejected parts and scrap. Spectro 4.0™ Smart technology also provides greater control and opportunities to make color adjustments when manufacturing with PCR or regrind.

LIAD feeders, blenders and quality control equipment.This is the first spectrometer that can be connected to a feeder for automatic, real time color adjustments. Spectro 4.0™ Smart technology integrates exclusively with a LIAD Smart patented ColorSave feeder or ColorSave-Micro feeder allowing automatically adjusted dosing of masterbatch to maintain consistent color quality within every part of the production run.

Look for the LIAD Smart label to ensure the highest quality accuracy.

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Spectro 4.0™ Patent: US10427326B2