Spectro™ Color Measurement

In-line Color Measurement Technology

Color masterbatch measurement system

Spectro™ is a contactless in-line spectrometer that automatically detects color variations to a delta E of +/- 0.05. Fiber optic sensors compare color data to the preset color standard to deliver consistent and accurate color monitoring without interrupting production. Automated self-calibration eliminates special tuning and complex adjustments

Designed for plastic injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion processes, Spectro maintains uniform color standards both in-house and with contract processors.


  • Greatly reduces downtime for testing samples
  • Removes all subjectivity-uses L*a*b* value measurements and preset delta E threshold levels
  • Prevents excess masterbatch consumption
  • Reduces rejects and scrap
  • Records historical data to improve future productivity
  • Optional cloud service provides cell phone access

Spectro Overview

Spectro In Action

Liad innovative feeders blenders and quality control equipmentFor a more detailed discussion about Spectro, download product literature, call Doug Brownfield at 914-320-1521 or contact Ampacet.

*Spectro 4.0™ Patent: US10427326B2