BlendSave®with Compact Octobatch™

Automated Resin Blending and Distribution in a space-saving footprint–ideal for new and existing operations 

  • Compact octobatchHandles up to 40 materials, up to 10 machines, and at rates up to 3,300 lbs/hr (1,500 kg/hr)
  • Delivers any recipe, to any machine, at any time
  • Compact design–only 6ft x 6ft floor space (1.8m x 1.8m) and 14ft ceiling (4.2m) required
  • Automates the material distribution to the machines…no more manifolds, hoses to switch, or mistakes
  • Dedicated material hoppers and weigh bins eliminate the risk of cross-contamination
  • Simplifies materials management compared to traditional blenders
  • Less equipment
  • Less waste
  • Less labor

Liad innovative feeders blenders and quality control equipment

For a more detailed discussion about BlendSave Compact  download product literature, call Doug Brownfield at 914-320-1521 or contact Ampacet.