ColorSave®-Micro Feeder

First Gravimetric Feeder for Micro Molding and Extrusion Applications

The patented ColorSave-Micro uses a vibrational, protected inner channel to eliminate exterior vibration and consistently deliver an accurate dose. Whether it’s for more efficient production of small parts or to reduce material costs for extruded parts, ColorSave-Micro can accurately dispense materials with LDRs as low as 0.1% to 0.3%. Gravimetric weighing ensures consistent accuracy when compared to today’s volumetric micro feeders. ColorSave-Micro is capable of integration with the Spectro  in-line spectrometer to automatically adjust dosing during a production run.

Now that’s smart. LIAD Smart.

Look for the LIAD Smart label to ensure the highest quality accuracy.

To learn more about ColorSave-Micro watch the video below, view the white paper, download  product literature, or contact Ampacet.

Compare ColorSave Micro to any other feeder. Take the ColorSave Micro Challenge.

ColorSave®-Micro Patent: US10180345B2