SpectroMetric™ Color Correction

Fully Automated In-line Color Measurement and Correction.

In line continuous color correction systemSpectroMetric integrates the Spectro in-line spectrometer with the LIAD Smart ColorSave® 1000 masterbatch feeder to correct even minor color deviations, (Delta E), in real-time, while running masterbatch at the lowest possible usage rate.

  • Monitors and controls masterbatch dosing rates for each machine cycle, ensuring an item’s color is within the set Delta E limits.
  • Runs on L*a*b specifications to assure lowest possible LDRs even when using PCR or regrind.
  • Expedites production without compromising quality

Liad innovative feeders blenders and quality control equipment

Look for the LIAD Smart label to ensure the highest quality accuracy.

For more information about Spectro™ Smart Technologies download product literature, call Doug Brownfield at 914-320-1521 or contact Ampacet.