Ultra-precise dosing for two ingredients

DualSave precision double dosing system uses a single control to regulate two feeders connected to a single neckpiece. DualSave assures consistent and precise operation for either gravimetric or volumetric feeding to significantly reduce rejects and improve quality of the final product and save money.

DualSave advantages

  • Unparalleled accuracy and precision
  • Easy to use intuitive control unit
  • Improved quality of final product, fewer rejects
  • Stores up to 500 recipes, saves set up time
  • Compensates MB amount when using regrind
  • Economical alternative to batch blenders

Multiple processes

  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion
  • Extrusion blow molding

DualSave exclusive Automatic Compensation feature

The DualSave controller contains a built-in compensation feature that can be used when one of the hoppers is volumetric and feeding regrind and the other hopper is feeding masterbatch either gravimetrically or volumetrically. Since the regrind already contains color or additives, you can reduce the amount of colorant or additive fed from the other hopper. This exclusive DualSave feature reduces human error to enhance quality and provide substantial production cost savings.

For example, if a recipe calls for 5% master-batch in one hopper and 20% regrind in the other hopper, DualSave automatically reduces the masterbatch percentage to 4%. Increasing the regrind to 40% reduces the masterbatch to 3%. A sensor in the regrind hopper returns the setting to its original percentage when there is no more regrind.

precision double dosing masterbatch feeder system

Available with volumetric or gravimetric hoppers
Volumetric hoppers-6, 12, 20 L capacities
Gravimetric hoppers-3, 5, IO L capacities

gravimetric hoppers with optional venturi loaders

DualSave with 3L gravimetric hoppers with optional venturi loaders

DualSave with 3L gravimetric hopper and 6L volumetric hopper with optional venturi loaders

DualSave Easy Clean design

Exclusive design allows material to be drained from the hopper and screw without disassembly.

  • Simply open the cleanout port at the hopper base to drain material
  • After the hopper is empty, press the EMPTY button to reverse the screw with the container still in place
  • Saves time–no need to disassemble the hopper and screw from the neckpiece
  • Creates a safer work environment– no lifting of the hopper and screw assembly to dump material

double dosing system