AA Scavenger

Reduce acetaldehyde for better tasting beverages, better looking rPET bottles

Aa scavenger masterbatchAcetaldehyde (AA) results from the thermal degradation of the PET polymer during extrusion or injection molding. Trace levels of acetaldehyde (AA) in PET can migrate into mineral water or in any other drink during the shelf life and influence the taste of the PET-bottled water or beverages.

Ampacet AA Scavenger (7600846-EQ) reduces the level of acetaldehyde up to 80% in a PET bottle wall which helps protect the organoleptic properties of water and other beverages. This additive allows producers to increase the content of the rPET in preforms and bottles without affecting the taste of the water. The light bluish tone enhances the appearance and reduces the yellowish/brownish shade common to rPET.

7600846-EQ is EU compliant only at this time.

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