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UV Light Stabilizer

Protection against harmful UV radiation

Ampacet offers two major types of UV stabilizers to counteract the damaging effects of UV radiation: UV Absorbers (UVA) which slow down the degradation process by absorbing UV radiation and dissipating it as thermal energy; and UV Inhibitors (UVI) which are the most effective for polyolefins, available in a wide range of molecular weights and structures suitable for almost any application. They do not absorb UV radiation but instead they inhibit degradation of the polymer which has already formed free-radicals. 

Photo-degradation from UV radiation causes cracking, chalking, and the overall loss of physical properties such as impact strength, tensile strength, elongation, and other properties. Ampacet light stabilizers (UVI & UVA) protect polymers and their contents from sun and weather.

For more information on Ampacet UVA and UVI Light Stabilizer additives, their applications and complete Regulatory Status, please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative