Antifog masterbatchesPrevent fog formation in food packaging and agricultural films

Ampacet antifog masterbatches prevent condensation of water vapor on the surface of a clear plastic film. These small droplets cause poor film transparency, low attractiveness, and spoilage of packaged foods. Ampacet antifog masterbatches provide short and long-term antifog performance and are typically used in the skin layer of a polyolefin film. These migratory products are typically used in cold-fog applications such as fresh produce, meat, and general refrigerated food packages as well as in hot-fog applications where food may be cooked or kept hot.

Amfog, is an FDA-approved antifog additive that enhances shelf life by providing excellent clarity in multi-layer film hot or cold food packaging applications. Maximum antifog performance is achieved 24 hours or less and lasts for at least two weeks. Recommended for PET laminated structures with layers containing PE, PA, LDPE, LLDPE, or EVOH.

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