UV Absorbers

Keep food and beverages fresher longer

Ampacet UV Absorbers (UVA’s) keep food and beverages fresher and prolong shelf life to help reduce waste. They are designed for olefins, PET’s and BOPP films used for food, beverages and non-food packaging and are available in a wide range of molecular weights and structures suitable for almost any application.

CrystalClear™ is an FDA-approved non-yellowing UVA masterbatch for PET that can reduce costs by 40% (LDR 0.25-1.0%) and is 75% more effective in absorbing UV (protects to 380 nm).

For more information about Ampacet UV Absorbers masterbatch and other R3 Sustainable Solutions, their applications and complete Regulatory Status, please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative.