Slip Concentrates

Reduce friction and adhesion of adjacent surfaces

Slip masterbatchAmpacet supplies a full complement of slip agent offerings including traditional migratory, consistent, and permanent non-migratory. Slip additives enhance and reduce handling problems used extensively in the manufacture of polyolefin films. Slips are used to reduce a film’s resistance to sliding over itself or parts of converting equipment. Effectiveness of slip is normally determined by Coefficient of Friction (COF).

Traditional slips in monolayer films use the gauge of the film as a “reservoir” of additive to lower COF. 

Consistent slip agent allows dialing in medium COF targets for consistent performance over a broad temperature range; minimally affected by inorganic additives. 

Non-migratory slips are used by film extruders within coex applications. Added to the skin layer only. 

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