Desiccant Concentrates

Desiccant concentrates | dessiccant additive masterbatchReduce moisture issues when using hygroscopic materials

Ampacet desiccant concentrates bind moisture during the processing of plastic materials. The active ingredient in these masterbatches reacts chemically with water molecules and effectively removes them from the system.  Desiccant masterbatches may be effective for products produced with hygroscopic materials where lensing (fish eyes) can be a problem.  Moisture absorbing masterbatches are useful to reduce lensing after storage of raw materials in high humidity areas.  Concentrates containing a desiccant may be able to bind up to 20% of the masterbatch weight; but in practice, the binding ability will be lower.

Desiccants also prevent issues linked to high moisture content of recycled polymers, allowing higher use of post-consumer recycled resins.

Common Ampacet desiccant masterbatches include a 50-70% water scavenging compound in PE or PP.

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