Antistat masterbatchesElectrostatic dissipative control for a wide array of applications

Antistatic masterbatches provide permanent or long-term electrostatic dissipative control properties in a polymer and are widely used in electronic component package films and consumer product packaging to prevent dust build-up. Antistatic products can contain migratory chemicals and non-migratory polymers. 

Migratory antistat masterbatches form a microscopically thin coating that captures water vapor from the air. The captured water, in turn, becomes the conductor to dissipate static electricity. 

Non-migratory antistat masterbatches contain clear polymeric antistat additives that provide antistatic properties that are indpendent of atmospheric humidity. 

Typical applications include electronics and food packaging, medical drapes and gowns, explosives and light-sensitive products. Antistats are also used to reduce dust on packaged goods. 

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