Light Diffusers

Web light diffuser small newEffective diffusing with a high level of light transmission

Unlike many LED diffusers that use fine inorganic particles, Ampacet’s polymer-based light diffusers effectively diffuse light while maintaining a high level of light transmission. This is achieved by careful selection of the light diffuser’s properties, including material type (refractive index), particle morphology and particle size (average and distribution). Ampacet provides a line of light diffuser masterbatches available for use in all industrially important clear plastics: polycarbonate, acrylics, polyesters and clear ABS. The light diffusers can be used as-is or may be tinted with color. LED devices benefit in particular due to the elimination of “hot spots” (irregular light patterns emanating from the LED source). Typical applications include indoor and outdoor signage, lighting components and consumer electronics.

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