Minimize film-to-film contact to improve performance

Ampacet offers a wide variety of antiblock masterbatches, all designed to meet specific performance criteria such as blocking performance or optical properties. Blocking most commonly occurs when two pieces of film are pressed together such as on a take-up roll or after stacking finished converted films. Antiblock additives improve the handling and converting of film by minimizing film-to-film contact.

Traditional inorganic antiblocks are mostly based on siliceous minerals, which include diatomaceous earth and talc. Other inorganic antiblocks include nepheline syenite and engineered material. Compare these inorganic antiblocks in this antiblock selection guide.

Guide to antiblock masterbatches

For a more detailed review of inorganic and organic antiblocks click here. Ampacet designs antiblock masterbatches based on their commercial availability, chemical properties, and physical properties.

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