ReVive™ Compatibilizer

A more efficient way to get greater value from multi-layer barrier film

ReVive™ Compatibilizer masterbatch is a synergistic blend of functional additives that allows polyolefin/barrier film scrap to be re-processed into a quality regrind that can be fed back into prime film.  This minimizes the environmental impact of barrier film packaging and reduces the amount of scrap sent to landfills. Film producers can also save by lowering their use of prime resin.

ReVive™ Compatibilizer helps CPG’s by promoting barrier packages that are recyclable with the option of qualifying them for SPC’s How2Recycle classifications. Packages with ReVive™ Compatibilizer support a circular economy and help meet brand sustainability goals.

Independent testing showed that ReVive™ will enable fractional melt polyolefin/barrier scrap material to return to measurable flow properties which can be processed at normal polyolefin temperatures. 

Additionally, in mixed resin blends of polyolefins and nylon/EVOH materials containing 3-5% ReVive™, there was no significant difference in tensile properties and drop dart impact compared to PE controlled film. 

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