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CrystalClear UVA

CrystalClear UVA Ultraviolet AbsorberUVA protection without yellowing for PET, now in a super concentrate

CrystalClear UVA (Ultraviolet Absorber) masterbatch additives from Ampacet preserve product integrity, Color, flavor and nutritional value. This concentrated additive offers package clarity and protection up to 380nm.  CrystalClear provides all these benefits with LDRs of 0.5% or lower, depending on performance requirements, to significantly reduce the cost of UV protection in PET packaging.

CrystalClear micro pellet masterbatch provides exceptional UV protection for container contents and imparts no yellow discoloration to packaging and products. The low LDR can reduce the cost of UV protection by as much as 40%. CrystalClear functions in ISBM, film and sheet extrusion.

For more information about the CrystalClean UVA masterbatch, its applications and complete regulatory status,  please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative.