Secret Sea-Grit

Nature-inspired shades made from 100% PCR material and aquaculture waste

Sea-Grit MasterbatchAs new sustainable strategies are implemented as part of the circular economy, efforts to find solutions to aquaculture waste are becoming increasingly important. Ampacet’s Secret Sea-Grit masterbatch collection shows that waste material can be converted into aesthetically pleasing and sustainable color choices. Specifically designed for injection molded and blow molded products, Secret Sea-Grit is suitable for consumer goods and packaging applications in multiple markets.

Ampacet’s Secret Sea-Grit palette evokes a nurturing aesthetic, available in eight sustainable colorways: Bivalve Brown, Nude Nacre, Muted Murex, Softshell Celadon, Beachcomber Blue, Salty Sienna, Brackish Brown, and Saltwater Sand.

For more  information on Ampacet’s Secret Sea-Grit masterbatches, their applications and complete Regulatory Status, please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative.