Natura Series

Renewable, Bio-based Colors and Effects

Ampacet’s Natura Series responds to our desire for deeper connections with nature and the world around us. The colors evoke a sense of calm and a return to ancient ingredients and rituals

Natura Shades Collection

Renewable bio based colors and effectsNatura Shades is the first collection in the Natura Series. While the formulation of dark colors typically requires using carbon black, Ampacet pushed the boundaries, leveraging a new bamboo-based colorant as an alternative to black pigments traditionally used in plastics. The six carefully selected hues in the Natura Shades Collection include Charcoal Night, Desert Garnet, Abyss Indigo, Evergreen Depths, Taupe Slate, and Sunlit Dunes.

The Natura Shades masterbatch collection is suitable for injection molding in PE and PP for applications such as furniture, durable goods, housewares, and home decor.

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