Paper | 2.0™

The hand-crafted look of paper in a multi-faceted film

Ampacet’s Paper | 2.0™ unites the hand-crafted look, feel and stiffness of paper with the multi-faceted functionality of flexible film. The result is packaging with shelf appeal that engages the consumer visually and tactilely.

Paper | 2.0™ is more economical than paper. It is recyclable, lightweight and offers a labor-saving alternative to paper laminates. When used as an outer layer of a multi-layer film construction, Paper | 2.0™ also eliminates the need for the secondary lamination process or wax coatings to preserve water tight properties.

With its unique multi-layer PE structure and combination of additives and color, Paper | 2.0™ offers excellent printability and hydrophobicity. It is tear-resistant with deadfold properties and can be heat-sealed. Paper | 2.0™ also reduces the polymer content of flexible film by up to 40% while offering a substitute for wood or cotton-based materials.  Our SynTear™ version can actually be easily torn for applications such as sugar packets or other types of sachets.  Choose from smooth or coarse with a wide array of custom colors available.

From a sustainability perspective, Paper | 2.0™ offers a greener alternative to traditional wood fiber or cotton-based papers.  Traditional olefins require 2.7 times less energy and 17 times less water to manufacture and recycle than wood or cotton-based paper products.  We are offering a line of traditional olefin-based masterbatches as well as a compostable version that may be injection molded, blow molded or extruded.

For more information on Ampacet Paper | 2.0™ masterbatch and other R3 Sustainable Solutions, their applications and complete Regulatory Status, please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative.