Galaxy Collection

Light refracting and extraterrestrial effects

As we look to the future, our thoughts extend into the untapped universe. Mimicking naturally occurring structural color, this collection embodies light-refracting clusters and extra-terrestrial patterns, reflecting a new positioning of metallics that reaches beyond traditional boundaries.

The explosive colors of Big Bang, Milky Way, Cosmos Cloud, Copper Corona, Galactic Halo and Dark Matter are expressed in the series of unique effects. The Galaxy Collection is recommended for markets where unique differentiation drives product sales for injection molded parts, from household goods to automotive components to packaging.

The effects shown above are highly dependent on adherence to advised process conditions. The Galaxy Collection was developed for IM and EBM molding processes using PP and HDPE resins.

For more  information about the Galaxy Collection of masterbatches, their applications and complete regulatory status, please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative.