Sustainability Solution

How do I optimize Post Consumer Resins content while preserving aesthetics & functionality?

Overview: Consumer demand and regulations are forcing manufacturers to use more Post Consumer Resins which have different properties than virgin polymers.
Problems:Variations in color, odors, mechanical and optical properties, processability and aesthetics affect the use of Post Consumer Resins.
Solution:BlueEdge™ and Green Edge™ remove the dingy, yellowish tint common in bottles that use Post Consumer Resins.
Solution:ReVive™ compatibilizer-a more efficient way to get greater value from multi-layer film
Solution:Antixoidants reduce the problems of yellow or pink hues when using Post Consumer Resins.
Solution:Desiccants reduce processing problems when using hygroscopic Post Consumer Resins
Solution:Color Matching Service helps customers uphold the color of their brand when using Post Consumer Resins.
Solution:OdorClear™ neutralizes a wide range of odors in Post Consumer Resins

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