Cost Effective Whites

Costeffective sideDesigned to balance quality and cost

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) provides opacity by reflecting light which is possible due to its ability to scatter light. This is accomplished by refraction and diffraction of light as it passes through or near titanium dioxide particles. If there are enough particles present, all the light striking the surface will be reflected outward and the object will appear opaque and white.

With recent market condition dynamics, Ampacet has put together a portfolio of cost-effective white masterbatches. We begin by utilizing a wider selection of carrier resins, grades of TiO2, and including fillers as well as extenders. Understanding customer product performance requirements, such as extrusion process, FDA requirements, opacity and dispersion needs, will help determine proper white masterbatch solutions.

For more information on Ampacet Cost-Effective White masterbatches, their applications and complete Regulatory Status, please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative.