REC-NIR Black™

NIR detectable black masterbatchNear infrared sorting for recycling black packaging

Most black packaging cannot be sorted by recycling companies and is often sent to landfills or used for energy recovery. REC-NIR Black™ masterbatch is near infrared (NIR) transparent to allow scanning by NIR technology for automated sorting at recovery facilities. REC-NIR Black™ can help significantly reduce the carbon footprint by giving black plastic packaging a second life.


REC-NIR-Black™ PE 512 is NIR-detectable, while providing a high level of opacity for black flexible packaging. Products made with this NIR-transparent masterbatch solution are oriented to the polyethylene flow when using a sorting model suitable for dark plastics. REC-NIR-BLACK PE 512 is suitable exclusively for indoor use because, unlike conventional carbon black masterbatches, it does not provide a stabilizing effect against UV degradation

REC-NIR-Black™ High Alcohol is suitable for monolayer PET bottles and containers used in high alcohol applications, including wine and spirits, hand sanitizers, household cleaners, personal care and OTC pharmaceutical products.


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