Sustainable masterbatch productsCollaboration and education on a global scale

Our color insight services provide:

Global presentations—annual forecast of consumer preferences for color, effect, product/packaging and design formulas

Global Palette chip books—global colors interpreted into various resins and effects

Color dialect—regional interpretations of the global colors

Global palette fandecks, bottle sets—printed and polymer expressions of global colors

Specific market profiles and palettes—palette of 8 forecasted colors/effects for targeted new markets

New concept bottle sets—effect trends interpreted into multilayer and monolayer formats

Color intelligence reports/consultations—physiological/psychological interpretations of color use for brands providing shelf differentiation in their categories

Color educational series—color theory, color tutorial, color and masterbatch process tutorial

Color collaboration and development—providing color, effect and process consultation, development of color options, prototyping in a variety of molding processes

Ideation workshopseducational, interactive sessions to discover exciting new visions for products and brands