matte finish additive masterbatch

MATIP 347 is a new additive from Ampacet that produces a luxurious matte finish for premium packaging, cosmetics and other personal care items.

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced MATIP 347, an additive portfolio that imparts a luxurious matte finish for premium packaging and personal care items.

Specifically designed for blown, cast film and BOPP, MATIP 347 produces an upscale look and increases shelf appeal for films used in packaged goods and graphic arts. Applications include food wrap, food packaging, pet food, pouches, labels, laminates and personal care items.

Used in the outer layer of a film structure, MATIP 347 reduces gloss and increases haze to provide a high-quality matte effect in low-thickness blown film, cast film and BOPP applications of between 6-8 microns, with gloss < 10 and haze >75% @133°F.

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