Ampacet has introduced a range of PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA), additives that provide enhanced performance in a non fluoro-based polymer and offer benefits for customers and the planet.

Ampacet has extended its range of PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) to include two globally-compliant additives that perform as well as fluoro-based PPAs in blown film extrusion for multiple end-use applications and at the same LDR as most common Ampacet PPAs. Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been found to present potential health hazards and face increased regulations for their use.  As more government agencies restrict the use of PFAS, it’s important to consider using a PFAS-free PPA that is globally compliant for food contact. In addition to the FDA food contact-compliant PPA previously introduced, the line has been extended to include a new globally-compliant PFAS-Free PPA and one that is globally compliant and siloxane-free. Like fluoro-based PPAs, they eliminate melt fracture, reduce die buildup for less downtime and offer increased throughput. Ampacet PFAS-Free PPA additives do not interfere with surface treatments, such as printing and lamination, and have no effect on sealing.