Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, introduces the Muted Matte Collection, a soft touch alternative that beautifully reduces gloss in HDPE multi-layer applications without limiting recyclability.

A cost-effective solution that does not require modifying tool cavities, the collection supports a brand’s sustainability focus.

The Muted Matte Collection is suited for blow molding and sheet extrusion applications, in all market categories, including beauty and personal care, nutraceuticals, pet care and thermoformed trays.

Colors include Mellow Yellow, Golden Glow, Calming Coral, Gauzy Green, Subdued Blue and Whispering Twilight.


Muted matte

Ampacet has introduced the Muted Matte Collection, a cost-effective, soft touch alternative that reduces gloss in HDPE and PP multi-layer applications without limiting recyclability.


About R3 Sustainable Solutions

R3 Sustainable Solutions represent Ampacet’s commitment to the global circular economy with a growing portfolio of innovative masterbatches benefiting customers, the industry and the planet. With these solutions,  Ampacet helps customers reduce waste and energy in manufacturing, reuse more post-consumer resins in finished products and recycle a higher percentage of their products.

Ampacet continues to reduce the environmental impact of its global manufacturing and distribution operations. The company also works with industry partners and organizations around the world to highlight the positive impact of plastics and develop processes and systems that improve sustainability.