Specially engineered antiblock masterbatch improves aesthetics and performance in thin films

Ampacet specially engineered CrystalClear™ 102077 antiblock polyethylene masterbatch reduces haze and gel formation and manages a more consistent coefficient of friction to improve performance characteristics in blown film and cast applications made of polyolefins.

Ampacet CrystalClear 102077 masterbatch is composed of small, uniformly shaped particles with a narrow particle size distribution.  These spherical particles form microscopic anti blocking bumps on the film surface.

Unlike mined diatomaceous earth additives, which contain irregular particles that scatter light, adsorb migratory additives and can adversely affect film color; the smooth, round, microscopic Ampacet CrystalClear masterbatch particles permit light to easily travel around uniform surfaces without becoming trapped or diffused, since there are no cavities or irregular shapes to interfere with light transmittance.

As an engineered antiblock, Ampacet’s CrystalClear 102077 masterbatch eliminates the film color shifts, quality variations and rancidity or cross-linking problems which can occur from unknown reactive mineral content within traditional diatomaceous earth additives during downstream package-product interactions.

Ampacet CrystalClear antiblock polyethylene masterbatch is approved for food contact applications.