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At NPE2024, Ampacet will highlight the innovative LIAD Smart line of color automation systems, including self-cleaning feeders, automated centralized blenders and in-line color correction.

“This year, we are focusing on Ampacet’s LIAD Smart line of color automation solutions. These systems integrate with our masterbatch and additive products to optimize quality control while minimizing labor and material costs,” said Gustavo Lidzki, Vice President, Engineering and CISystems. “The products enable processors to simplify color automation, reduce costs, improve quality and use more recycled resins.”

The patented LIAD Smart technologies, which will be demonstrated at the Ampacet booth, provide a unique synergy with the global masterbatch leader’s extensive masterbatch, additive and sustainability lines of products.

New LIAD Smart Products Demonstrated at NPE2024
Two new LIAD Smart products will be demonstrated at the booth: the SpectroMetric 6 and BlendSave® Compact.

“With increased PCR sustainability requirements, extruding or molding plastic products while maintaining color specifications is not an easy task,” says Doug Brownfield, Commercial Director – LIAD Smart. “LIAD Smart offers in-line color measurement and correction technologies that prevent color from deviating out of specification.”

SpectroMetric 6 is a closed-loop automated system that combines advanced AI inline color measurement technology with color correction software to determine the appropriate pigments required to correct a color in-line and automatically meter the pigments in real time, offsetting the processing challenges of using PCR.

Operated from a single touch screen controller, SpectroMetric 6 incorporates five patented FluxQF™ mono pigments formulated for superior quick flow color distribution during extrusion. SpectroMetric 6 color correction software determines which pigment combination will correct the color and simultaneously weighs each FluxQF mono pigment individually while metering the mixture directly into the extruder with the base colorant and PCR resin blend.

SpectroMetric 6 incorporates highly precise micro gravimetric feeders that accurately meter the base masterbatch and proper blend of FluxQF mono pigments automatically, based on the direction of SpectroMetric in-line spectral data.

The new LIAD Smart BlendSave Compact is a space-saving, automated resin management and blending system for new and existing operations. It offers unparalleled flexibility, blending up to 40 raw materials while distributing individual recipes to any 10 machines for total accuracy of blends with zero contamination or human mistakes.

With a footprint of only 6ft x 6ft (1.8m x 1.8m) of floor space and a height of 14ft (4.27m), BlendSave Compact uses patented weighing and blending technology to manage the increasing number of resin, PCR material and recipe change requirements demanded by today’s processors. The unit features a dust-tight Octobatch automated manifold for up to 1500 kg/hr or 3,300 lbs/hr total throughput.

Other LIAD Smart Technologies
Other LIAD Smart technologies that will be demonstrated in the booth include Spectro, SpectroMetric, ColorSave® 1000, ColorSave®-Micro and BatchSave®

Interactive demonstrations of Spectro will show how it can measure color in line and during the film extrusion process.  A patented color measurement system that offers Industry 4.0 innovations, Spectro ensures real-time production meets color specifications. Fiber optic sensors compare color data to the preset color standard throughout the manufacturing process to deliver consistent and accurate color monitoring – all without interrupting production or creating delays by collecting samples to test. Designed for plastic injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processes, this highly accurate QA solution allows manufacturers to maintain uniform color standards both in-house and with contract processors around the world.  Also featured will be Eigen Innovations machine vision software integration with surface defect detection and color measurement combined in an interactive software program.

 SpectroMetric, the first feeder driven by an in-line spectrometer, features innovative mechanical design guided by advanced algorithms to deliver unmatched dosing precision. When integrated with Spectro Smart technology, the complete system automatically adjusts the dosing as directed by the real-time color sensor during a production run. Governed by real-time color measurement and combined with auto-adjusted dosing, SpectroMetric is a revolutionary advancement in masterbatch feeding technology. The whole system seamlessly feeds, tests, monitors and corrects without human intervention.

LIAD Smart ColorSave 1000 is the only gravimetric feeder that features an outer protective shell with an inner floating weigh hopper and single-point load cell to ensure accuracy, even in industrial settings affected by vibration and other outside influences.

 LIAD Smart ColorSave-Micro, the industry-first gravimetric micro feeder, enables accurate dosing down to one pellet for applications in the medical, automotive, 3D printing and electronics industries. The patented ColorSave-Micro uses a single vibrational, protected inner channel to eliminate exterior vibration and consistently deliver an accurate dose. Whether it’s for more efficient production of small parts or to reduce material costs for low throughput machines, ColorSave-Micro can accurately dispense materials with LDRs as low as 0.1%. Gravimetric weighing ensures consistent accuracy when compared to today’s volumetric micro feeders.  The ColorSave-Micro can be used for nearly all types of additives, including flowable, granular materials and micro pellets. It eliminates the need for hand-mixing or the use of expensive compounded materials in low throughput extrusion or molding machines.

BatchSave is a multi-ingredient gravimetric batch blender that provides accurate, optimal blends for four, six or eight raw materials. Materials are fed separately into a weighing hopper and the amounts are constantly checked by the controller against the predefined values. The weighed material is then dispensed into the mixing chamber to deliver a homogenous blend.

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About Ampacet
Founded in 1937, Ampacet Corporation is a leading global masterbatch supplier committed to designing innovative custom color, special effect, high performance and sustainable products and solutions.  Ampacet also manufactures a proprietary line of LIAD Smart machinery and feeders for the plastic industry aimed to improve efficiencies in plastics manufacturing.

Headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y., Ampacet employs more than 2,000 people worldwide, with 24 manufacturing sites including technical and color development centers in 17 countries throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.