Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced the Artemis Collection, mesmerizing translucent colors and effects for injection-molded parts that have been meticulously crafted to evoke the breathtaking beauty of celestial phenomena.

The Artemis Collection of masterbatches harnesses the dazzling look of backlighting or dead-fronting, leveraging advanced pigment technologies to create three-dimensional, crater-like surfaces.

“The radiant hues and visual tactility of the Artemis Collection produce stunning otherworldly effects that transport us to the far reaches of the galaxy,” says Mercedes Landazuri, Ampacet Market Insight Manager. “The collection is ideal for applications where visual appeal is paramount.”

Compatible with PS and PP polymers, the Artemis Collection is suitable for a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, home goods and décor, caps and closures and lighting.

Choose from Lunar Gold and Darkside, two softly shimmering pearlescents that echo the pockmarked surface of lunar landscapes or bask in the red-violet intensity of Amethyst Supernova. Midnight Stardust, Aurora Emerald and Cosmic Noir capture the ethereal depths of the night sky.


Artemis press release

Introducing the Artemis Collection by Ampacet: A mesmerizing array of translucent colors and effects inspired by the wonders of the galaxy. Discover the celestial beauty of Cosmic Noir, Lunar Gold, Darkside, Amethyst Supernova, Midnight Stardust, and Aurora Emerald, designed for backlighting and dead-fronting effects.