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BOPP specialty matte compoundAmpacet, a global masterbatch leader, introduces MATIF CSR 330, a BOPP specialty matte compound developed for cold seal packaging used to wrap heat-sensitive products.

Ampacet MATIF CSR 330 is a silicon-free BOPP compound offering a premium matte effect with excellent film uniformity, combined with outstanding release properties with no transfer of glue to the matte side of the film. Brand owners often prefer a matte surface, which gives packaging and products an upscale, luxury look.  

When packing heat-sensitive products, such as chocolate, snack bars and ice cream, packaging integrity is guaranteed with the use of glues, also known as cold seals, applied on the packaging film and then pressed. This packaging is often made of a BOPP film used as a single web or laminated over another film substrate, such as BOPP and CPP. Surface printing and varnishes, as well as cold seals, are applied to the packaging film web by film converters, then rewound before shipping to the end-user. Before  forming the packaging, the film is unwound. During this operation, the outer layer of the film must provide good cold seal release performance to allow smooth unwinding, avoid excessive noise and prevent transfer of glue to the wrong side of the film. Optimum cold seal performance ensures excellent pack integrity and optimized food protection.

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