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Ampacet delivers solutions for food packaging to enhance food preservation, extend shelf life & minimize food waste.

Ampacet informs and trains employees, customers & consumers on the benefits of plastics & solutions offered to enhance end-product sustainability & instills employee pride about working for Ampacet.

Ampacet cares about water sources by practicing zero pellet loss protocols & offers antimicrobials to keep plastics sanitized..

Ampacet provides their employees with salary & benefits that support a living wage, supports child labor policies & requires the same support from our suppliers.

Ampacet dedicates resources to develop new products & optimizes manufacturing practices to support the sustainable growth of plastics industry.

Ampacet creates a work environment for its employees that welcomes diversity & equal opportunity.

Ampacet offers solutions and participates in many initiatives towards circularity of plastics, helping cities & communities use less & recycle more plastic.

Ampacet uses resources sustainably & minimizes the impact of its activities on the environment by reducing water, CO2 & energy consumption, minimizing waste & preventing environmental incidents in all our facilities.

Ampacet captures the value of waste products via recycled materials including use of post-consumer & post-industrial (pre-consumer) recycled raw materials.

Ampacet follows best practices to minimize plastic leakage into the environment to help achieve plastic-free waterways.

Ampacet offers agricultural solutions that help preserve livestock feed, boost crop yield & minimize use of crop chemicals.

Ampacet participates in & partners with numerous customers, suppliers & non-profit organizations to help create a more sustainable world.

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