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Supplier Sustainability Policy

Updated 4-9-2018

Ampacet is proud of its outstanding reputation for excellence, high ethical standards and integrity in the masterbatch and plastics industry.  One of Ampacet’s Core Values is Environmental Care which includes conducting business in a way that employs environmentally safe work processes and proactive measures to protect our employees, our surroundings and our communities.

As Ampacet continues to look for ways to minimize any negative environmental impact of our practices and products, it needs the full support of its supply base.  Ampacet requires its suppliers and business partners to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and conduct operations with sound environmental stewardship.
  • Evaluate and maintain sustainable raw material sources to the extent possible and practical and employ processes throughout their supply chain including the use of environmentally friendly products or services, bulk purchasing or products with minimal packaging, and materials from renewable and recyclable sources.
  • Foster a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility that encourages innovation and development of new products designed to minimize/eliminate their carbon footprint, waste, and overall insult to the environment.
  • Collaborate with Ampacet to establish ways to maximize the positive /beneficial environmental impact of processes and products.

Ampacet has developed this Supplier Environmental Sustainability Policy to clarify its expectations of suppliers with respect to environmental responsibility.  Ampacet’s Supplier Sustainability Policy is intended to complement its Goals and Objectives as a critical component of its business plan.