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Color Leveling Additive Allows Package Designers & Molders to Use the Broadest Palette of Colors

Single, universal machine setting can now accommodate all colors – resulting in faster cycle times, increased production efficiencies, higher quality output and impressive cost savings

Ampacet offers ProBlend™, a process-optimizing, single-setting “color leveling” additive that offers package designers a broader palette of color possibilities by allowing all colors to run at the same speed without adversely affecting shrinkage, quality or efficiency, while also controlling cost.

Traditional, color-specific settings can slow production cycles and frustrate molders and quality engineers. “Most molders won’t slow down or speed up the equipment to accommodate the color they are running,” notes Morgan Gibbs, Director, Technical Services and Development at Ampacet.  “The practice of running different colors at the same speed often causes differences in tolerances that may result in intermittent container leakage issues.”

Ampacet’s ProBlend color leveling additive eliminates warped, non-conforming parts and abolishes time-consuming, color-specific setups by allowing a single temperature/speed setting that allows all colors to shrink to the same degree in order to achieve dimensional stability.

ProBlend can also deliver savings in packaging, where the reduction of scrap from separate color runs, combined with uniform cycle times, can account for additional packaging cost savings.
“Ampacet’s ProBlend color leveling additive works especially well in polypropylene closures, tubs and containers used for laundry, personal care, food, household chemicals and medical products” says Rich Novomesky, Strategic Business Unit Manager at Ampacet.

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