PET UVA Masterbatch

PET UVA from Ampacet is FDA-approved for food and beverage packaging and protects package contents from damaging UV light.

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, introduces PET UVA, an FDA-approved masterbatch that protects packaging contents from damaging UV light, keeping food fresher, prolonging product shelf life and reducing waste. It also preserves the integrity of contents in clear PET and rPET packaging for personal care and household products. Ampacet also offers UVA in PE and PP.

PET UVA, for blow molding, film and sheet extrusion processes, offers excellent clarity and UVA protection, with transmission of less than 10% at 13 mils up to 390 nm with a 1% LDR. It significantly reduces the cost of UVA protection for PET packaging by providing benefits with LDRs of .4 to .8%, depending on performance requirements.

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