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The Positive Impact of Plastics

Lightweight plastics packaging saves fuel and decreases emissions during transportation.

Plastic water supply systems and plastic storage tanks provide clean water free of heavy metals.

Plastic products for medical applications contribute to improved health and wellness.

Plastic protective and safety clothing prevents injuries and saves lives.

Cucumbers last 11 days longer
Bananas last 21 days longer
Beef lasts 23 days longer

Plastics preserve nutrients and reduce food waste.

No other drinking straw material offers all these benefits: low cost, easy sanitation, shape holding, safety in hot liquids, and low risk of allergy, injury and choking.

Compared to paper bags plastic bags require:

2.7X less energy
1.6 less CO2
17X less water

“Paper bags, even with 100% recycle content, have significantly higher average impacts on the environment than either of the reusable bags or single-use plastic retail bags.”