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Our commitment to a more sustainable industry

Ampacet develops products and processes for more efficient use of energy, water and raw materials

We at Ampacet are proud of our role in helping to create plastic materials used every day in packaging, healthcare, transportation, electronics, home construction, aerospace, sports and more. While plastics are making our lives safer, healthier, more convenient and more fun, Ampacet believes that, as a corporation, we must be responsible stewards of the environment. 

We pledge to:

  • Collaborate with industry leaders to communicate the sustainability message worldwide
  • Continue our environmental engineering efforts to responsibly manage water, emissions and electricity consumption at our 25 plant locations 
  • Initiate new proprietary joint programs with key suppliers designed to reduce waste and our overall carbon footprint and use, whenever possible, materials from renewable and recyclable resources. 
  • Work with our customers to provide sustainable masterbatch solutions that help them reduce, reuse and recycle