Spectro 4 logo190w

Switch out your volumetric or gravimetric feeders for a SpectroMetric Smart Feeder. Objectively alter the masterbatch dosing set point, and compare DE of products in real time.

The LIAD SMART label assures that CISystems’ patented innovations are driven by LIAD intelligence for the highest accuracy in measurement software and design technologies.

Continuous color measurement eliminates interruptions to test samples.

Enables digital setting and output of the Pass/Fail criteria for further process controls or alarms.

The only system with multiple probes, enabling easy and cost-effective QA for any job within a single instrument setup.

Multiple optical sensors can be easily integrated into robotics, conveyors and extrusion/injection molding lines.

Self-calibrating and self-sustaining system requires minimal maintenance.

Historical data collected from each run can be used to predict and prevent future color variances. 

Consistent quality in multiple lines and facilities regardless of manufacturing location.

Significantly reduces the use of raw masterbatch.

Significantly reduces product rejects and scrap levels caused by out-of-spec color parts.

Constant assurance of consistent color levels allows use of more PCR or regrind.