Ampacet’s ReVive 311A Achieves Critical Guidance Recognition for New Technologies in Sustainable Package Design

ReVive™ 311A Compatibilizer, a blend of functional additives from global masterbatch leader Ampacet, has received How2Recycle® Prequalification status for Store Drop-Off in eligible multi-layer PE film structures from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC).  The rigorous prequalification process included third-party testing at Plastics Forming Enterprises (PFE), that resulted in Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) Critical Guidance Recognition (CGR), recognizing significant new technologies that solve long-standing problems in sustainable package design.

ReVive, part of Ampacet’s R3 Sustainable Solutions product line, can potentially be used to create Store Drop-Off recycle-ready multi-layer barrier films containing PA6 and/or EVOH. Post-industrial and post-consumer barrier films made with ReVive also can be reprocessed back into the polyolefin recycling stream and used for film production or other downstream plastics processing.

“ReVive offers the best of all possible worlds in food packaging,” says Doreen Becker, Ampacet Sustainability Director. “Although multi-layer barrier films (EVOH/PA6) have not been recyclable, they are superior to mono-material PE films in preserving food freshness and preventing food waste. Adding ReVive Compatibilizer means that processors can boost use of PCR/PIR to meet sustainability goals and CPG companies can offer packaged foods with superior food preservation as well as good recyclability. The end result benefits consumers and the planet.”

“ReVive’s How2Recycle Prequalification for Store Drop-Off allows us to show CPG brands how they can use the How2Recycle standardized labeling system in their packaging to achieve circular economy goals and help encourage consumers to recycle as well,” adds Becker.

How2Recycle labeling for Store Drop-Off allows consumers to recycle eligible packaging at many area grocery stores and big box retail locations.

How2Recycle Prequalification for Store Drop-Off confirms that multi-layer barrier films containing the appropriate combination of EVOH and/or PA6 with the correct loading of ReVive 311A may be eligible for How2Recycle Labeling for Store Drop-Off.

How2Recycle prequalification is not the final designation of the label that a brand will ultimately feature on the package (final designation can change based on product application, attachments, and more) but allows companies to design packaging and purchase materials with recyclability in mind. How2Recycle is the first standardized label system that allows companies to accurately track and measure the recyclability of packaging materials and products. The on-package labeling was created to provide consistent and transparent recycling information for consumers in the US and Canada.

ReVive 311A, when used with EVOH (32mol%) and/or PA6 nylon barrier layers in PE films, has been recognized by the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) as meeting or exceeding the strictest requirements for Critical Guidance Protocol for PE Film and Flexible Packaging. This APR recognition is based on the technical recyclability of 20% and less EVOH with ReVive 311A at a 1:5 ratio of ReVive to EVOH, 15% and less PA6 with 2.25% ReVive 311A and 10% PA6 plus 5% EVOH or less with 2.5% ReVive 311A in a multi-layer film structure of PE films.

“Ampacet ReVive maintains good flow properties at the recommended letdown ratios, among the lowest in the market, and can generally be added to the PE bulk layers as a drop-in as validated in testing by leading industry partners,” says Jim Morrison, Ampacet Strategic Business Manager, Flexible Packaging. “We are proud to be supporting the industry’s drive toward creating new opportunities for plastics circularity,” he added.

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