Liquid metal masterbatchInnovative masterbatch offers an environmentally friendly, lighter weight, lower cost, chrome alternative.

The power, allure and sheen of chrome that captivates package and product designers and customers alike has been translated by Ampacet into a chrome-alternative color masterbatch developed for use in extrusion and injection blow-molded bottles used for containers, cosmetic packaging, automotive accessories, appliances and housewares.

Chrome, an age-old favorite material valued for its majestic reflective luster and shine properties, presents serious processing, environmental and cost challenges for contemporary use.

Ampacet’s chrome-alternative colorants eliminate the need in PET and other glossy polymers for corrosive chemical baths, multi-stage processing, and the high cost of fabricating and shipping, without sacrificing chrome’s distinctive aesthetic appeal.

The new chrome effects are part of Ampacet’s new LiquidMetal™ line of metal effects for plastics.  The dry colorant, which is simply added into the resin stream prior to the molding process, becomes part of the polymer matrix.  Ampacet’s chrome effect colorant achieves the desired high-end metal chrome impact without the need for individual part spraying or dipping.  It also eliminates the time, material, safety and environmental concerns associated with traditional metal chrome plating.

Ampacet Bright Chrome 620614-PT molded in PET plastic provides the closest parallel to chrome metal. Color adjustments, sparkle effects or a more antique brushed metal effect can be made through custom modifications.

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