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Tarrytown, NY, March 21, 2007 – Ampacet, the leading supplier of custom-color and special-effect masterbatches, has introduced LiquidMetal™ Colors, a new effect line that allows packaging made with blow molded and extruded polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to acquire the look of highly reflective metal. 
The LiquidMetal line encompasses six metal colors – brass, chrome, copper, black onyx, graphite and gun metal blue. It was developed to meet the call for high-end plastic packaging that replicates polished metal for cosmetics, skin- and hair-care products and other health and beauty aids, as well as for specialty foods, beverages and car-care products.
The new masterbatches are built around Ampacet’s Formula X™ PET technology platform, which eliminates the need to pre-dry PET colors, and allows for feeding at the extruder throat. This technology also reduces feed-throat clogging, screw slippage and improves color dispersion.
“Our metal colors gives PET an effect similar to a highly buffed clear-coat automotive finish,” says Doug Brownfield, Strategic Business Manager. “By ratcheting up PET’s appearance with colors of great reflectivity, depth and intensity, LiquidMetal creates packaging having strong shelf appeal.  “It gives designers a new option in relation to metal. For instance, anyone thinking of creating a polished aluminum package may want to evaluate a LiquidMetal chrome PET package and compare the potential cost savings and design flexibility.”