Blue edge masterbatchA new masterbatch from Ampacet, the leading masterbatch supplier, gives clear PET bottles a unique blue halo around their periphery. The masterbatch, called Blue Edge™, also enhances bottle brightness and gives bottles a soft glow in ultraviolet light. It was created to add a sophisticated, crystal-like appearance to bottles used for clear products, such as water, liquor and other beverages, cosmetics and health and beauty aids.

“Blue Edge takes clear bottles to another level,” says Doug Brownfield, strategic business manager. “Its subtle blue tint conveys the quality of high-end glass and accentuates the lines of your packaging, a quality that fits well with the current trend of using architectural elements in package design. In addition, since its impact is not based on a pigment, it does not hinder light transmission and product visibility remains unchanged.

“Blue Edge also glows under black light while keeping products highly visible. This is in contrast to traditional UV-activated pigments that tend to cloud bottles. Its response to black light is a strong selling point for liquor and similar products used in clubs and other low-light settings.”

To download a PDF of the Blue Edge press release click here.