New UVA masterbatch for thin gauge films improves UV content protection with fewer additive migration problems

Ampacet has introduced an ultraviolet-light absorber (UVA) masterbatch for thin gauge polyolefin films designed to protect packaged contents from UV light damage.  Compared to conventional UVAs, the new masterbatch offers improved content protection for thin gauge film applications with fewer problems due to additive migration.

Ultraviolet light affects packaged food and other light sensitive products, potentially causing discoloration, off-taste, odor, diminished nutritional value, or decreased product performance.  While the traditional use of rigid, corrugated, and pigmented packages shielded products from UV light, the growing use of clear, flexible packaging exposes products to UV light.  UV absorbers are needed to protect the contents of clear packaging from UV damage, preserving brand image and improving sustainability by increasing product shelf-life.

Ampacet’s new UVA masterbatch contains a unique UV absorber system that screens a broad range of UV light wavelengths from 280 to 380 nm.  The new UVA is more efficient than conventional UVAs, and so can be used at lower loadings and in thinner film gauges.  The new masterbatch also blooms less than conventional UVAs, creating stronger seals, better print and lamination adhesion.  The new masterbatch mitigates plate-out on processing equipment and reduces the occurrence of white residue on packages.  Its reduced migration results in longer-lasting UV protection.

The UVA masterbatch is composed of ingredients that are cleared by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safe use in olefin polymers and copolymers complying with 177.1520 (c).  The Polyethylene base resin in this product meets the FDA requirements contained in the Code of Federal Regulations in 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 2.1.  All other ingredients used in this product meet the requirements of their respective FDA regulations as described in sections 174.5, 178.2010, and 182.8991 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations when maximum use does not exceed 8.0% with food types I, IV-B, VII-B and VIII under conditions of use B-H as described in Tables 1& 2, Section 176.170 (c) of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

High-Efficiency, Reduced-Bloom UV Absorber Masterbatch Protects Contents of Polyolefin Film Packages

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Ampacet’s new high-efficiency, reduced-bloom UV absorber masterbatch effectively screens a broad range of UV light wavelengths from 280 to 380 nm.