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Frosted Glass Masterbatch

New Grades Heighten Similarity to Etched Glass

Ampacet has extended its line of masterbatches that give polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles the look of frosted glass with a series of lower luster grades. The new grades give bottles a better matte finish that creates a strong similarity to etched glass for use with cosmetics, alcohol, high-end beverages and other upscale products.

Ampacet’s frosted masterbatches are added during the extrusion process, which eliminates the need for the costly spray painting that had been used to gain a premium frosted effect before in stretch blow molded bottles and thermoformed packaging.

“This new frosted masterbatch further reduces gloss to levels that closely mimic the look of the painted frost effects now found in PET packaging,” said Doug Brownfield, strategic business manager. “They offer a way to gain this look in PET and other resins, such as acrylic, polycarbonate and nylon, without the need for spray painting and other secondary steps after processing. They also offer a variety of appearance options. For instance, the frosted effect can be varied from translucent to opaque, and it can be tinted to yield the soft blue and green tones of vintage glass.”

Ampacet’s frosted masterbatches are built around its Formula X™ PET technology, which eliminates the need for pre-drying and so allows for feeding at the extruder throat and lower energy demand. This technology also improves productivity by reducing such molding issues as screw slippage and feed-throat clogging.

For more information on Ampacet’s masterbatches for frosted PET packaging, contact: Doug Brownfield, Ampacet, 660 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591. Tel: (513) 247-5412.

To download a PDF of the Frosted-Glass press release click here.