Ampacet’s synthetic paper masterbatch solutions provide the look and feel of paper to your final product, while keeping the benefits of polymeric films.

Ampacet’s synthetic paper technologies are adapted to the manufacture of synthetic paper films with various film structures, using different polymers, and produced on a broad array of processing equipments, offering cost effective and durable alternative solutions to wood-pulp paper.

Paperlook 300x200PAPERLOOK & KRAFT PAPERLOOK technologies are based on the use of single ready-to-use masterbatches providing very smooth surface to synthetic paper manufactured through the blown and cast film processes.

The range consists in 3 grades:

  • PAPERLOOK (1100170-E) for White paper applications with excellent organoleptic properties
  • KRAFT PAPERLOOK 718 (1800718-E) for Brown Kraft paper applications
  • KRAFT PAPERLOOK 289 (1301289-E) for “Yellow” Kraft paper applications

Ampacet’s PAPERLOOK & KRAFT PAPERLOOK masterbatches are typically used in dairy packaging (e.g. butter), delicatessen wrap, shopping bags, maps, brochures, shipping envelopes, etc.



Paper2 0 300x210Paper 2.0 technology unites the hand-crafted look, feel and stiffness of paper with the multi-faceted functionality of flexible film. This Ampacet technology could be used in a wide range of applications, including shopping bags, branded and novelty tape, shipping envelopes, meat and bakery wrapping, pet food bags and stand-up food pouches, folders and other office applications.



Synwrap 300x200

SynWrap technology is a synthetic tissue paper that provides superior moisture barrier properties as well as tear resistance when compared to conventional tissue paper products used for craft products, gift and floral wrap, food, deli and meat wrapping, bakery and chewing gum packaging applications.



Syntear 300x200

SynTear technology produces synthetic paper that looks, feels and tears just like paper with the added benefits of moisture resistance and film processing ease. Ampacet’ SynTear technology can be used in replacement of coated paper and wax paper for butcher & deli wrap, condiment/sweetener packets, personal care packets, snack bag pouches, gift and floral wrap, craft applications as well as concrete bags.




SypaskiSYPASKI technology is especially designed to provide the surface aspect of paper to films manufactured by the bi-orientation (BOPP) process. Used as a compound in outer skin layers of BOPP film structures, Ampacet’s SYPASKI 33 masterbatch, provides to BOPP films the whiteness, low gloss and smooth roughness of paper. Ampacet’s SYPASKI 33 technology is used for tags, labels, posters and other graphic arts applications.


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